Tangerine Dream Sweet Pepper Seeds


Tangerine Dream Sweet Pepper Seeds are a gardener’s delight known for their eye-catching, golden orange peppers. These sweet, slightly spicy peppers measure around 6-8cm in length, making them a perfect bite-sized treat. Their compact plants reach about 45-70cm in height, ideal for both ornamental and edible gardening.

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How to grow Tangerine Dream Sweet Pepper from Seeds

Starting Off:

Begin sowing the seeds from January to April in cell trays with some heat to kickstart their growth. Ensure the germination temperature is above 20°C and cover the seeds lightly. Germination occurs within 14 days.


Germination typically begins in about 14 days when maintained at a temperature of over 18°C. Once the seedlings have grown two true leaves, remove them from the propagator to a warm, light, frost-free location.

Transplanting Seedlings:

When they reach about 20cm in height, transplant them into larger pots or their final growing container, preferably with a minimum diameter of 30cm.

Care Guide:

  • Soil and Watering: Utilize quality seed compost and ensure regular watering, especially during hot periods to avoid dry compost, which can lead to reduced yields.
  • Location: Tangerine Dream peppers thrive in a greenhouse or under the protection of a polytunnel. If planting outdoors, keep in mind that the yield might not be as abundant.
  • Support: Provide some support by staking with a small cane to support the plant once it starts fruiting.


Expect to harvest your peppers from late July to Autumn. You can pick the peppers green or wait until they transition to a bright golden orange.

Harvest Tips:

The ready-to-harvest peppers are small, about 6-8cm long, transitioning from green to a bright golden orange when ripe. They are perfect for fresh summer salads, sweet sauces, and as a colourful, edible ornament in your garden.


Opting for Tangerine Dream Sweet Pepper Seeds guarantees a garden filled with beautiful, golden orange peppers and a taste that complements many summer dishes. Its compact growth makes it suitable for various garden sizes and even container gardening, ensuring a rewarding and aesthetic gardening experience.

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