Carrot Early Nantes Seeds


Carrot Early Nantes is your go-to carrot variety for year-round sowing and harvesting. Sow end Oct-Jan for early crops, Feb-Mar for 2nd early crops, and April-June for main crops. Enjoy sweet, blunt-ended Carrot Early Nantes roots that are perfect for any dish.

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Grow Carrot Early Nantes for Versatile Sowing and Sweet Rewards

Why Choose Carrot Early Nantes?

Carrot Early Nantes is a standout in gardens and on plates. Not only is it bolt-resistant, but it also offers a flexible sowing schedule to fit your gardening needs.

Sowing Guide

  • Early crops: Sow end Oct-Jan under a polytunnel
  • 2nd early crops: Sow Feb-Mar under polythene or fleece
  • Main crops: Sow April to mid-June

Harvesting Your Carrot Early Nantes

With Carrot Early Nantes, you can expect a harvest from June to October, providing you with delicious, blunt-ended roots perfect for salads, soups, and snacks.

Additional Tips

Sow seeds thinly to reduce the need for thinning, as the sweet smell can attract carrot-fly. Companion planting with onions is also a good strategy to deter carrot-fly.


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