Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit Instructions

Dive into the world of fresh and tasty microgreens with our eco-friendly, customisable kit. From our selection, pick any 4 seed packs out of 7 choices:

Our kit comes with 2 coir discs, perfect for the 4 included trays. These trays are made from recycled cardboard, and what’s great is all our packaging can be composted. So, you’re doing good for the planet while enjoying home-grown greens.

Setting Up Your Coir Discs

Start by soaking each coir disc in about 500ml of water. They’ll puff up and once they do, spread them evenly in the 4 trays. Press them down gently to make a flat bed for your seeds. If you ever need more discs, check out our Coir Discs 10-Pack.

Sowing Your Seeds

Once your trays are prepared, it’s time to select your seeds. With our kit, you have the freedom to pick any 4 seed types:

  • Fancy a spicy kick? The Rambo Radish Microgreen Seeds are the way to go.
  • For those who prefer a gentle, pea flavour, the Organic Pea Tendril Seeds are perfect.
  • Mix and match with the other options like Micro Coriander, Organic Micro Broccoli Calabrese, Rocket, Red Cabbage, and Red Russian Kale to create the perfect blend of flavours.

If you’ve selected the Pea or Radish seeds, place another tray on top for a light weight. This ensures they’re set just right. The coir beneath will do its job to keep them moist and nurture their growth.

Growing Your Microgreens

After planting, place the trays somewhere bright with a stable temperature of 18 to 21°C. This is the sweet spot for your microgreens to grow well. Remember to water the coir from the bottom and give them enough light. In a short while, you’ll see your greens ready to be picked. You can cut them close to the base when you’re ready to eat.

For the Enthusiasts

If you’ve tried our kit and want to grow more often, our Small Long Life Microgreen Trays are a great next step. They’re tough and handy, ideal for regular growing.

Start your green adventure today. Enjoy fresh microgreens right from your home!

Rambo Radish Microgreen Seeds
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Organic Pea Tendril Seeds