Organic Pea Tendril Seeds


Organic Pea Tendril Seeds are perfect for year-round cultivation. Sprouting in just 10-21 days, these seeds yield tender, juicy shoots that are a culinary delight in salads and stir-fries. With their unique twisted tendrils and sweet pea flavour, they’re not only tasty but also visually appealing.

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Organic Pea Tendril Seeds: Your Go-To for Gourmet Greens

Getting Started with Organic Pea Tendril Seeds

Begin your journey to delicious, homegrown pea shoots by weighing the Organic Pea Tendril Seeds according to your tray size. Pre-soaking them overnight will increase the germination rate.

Setting up Your Growing Tray

  • Fill a tray with your chosen growing medium.
  • Firm the soil and water it well.
  • Spread the seeds evenly and cover them with another tray.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Place your tray in a consistently warm location with temperatures between 18-21°C.

Know Your Sow Rates

Refer to the table below for recommended sow rates based on different tray sizes. Please note these are general guidelines.

Place the tray in a warm location where the temperature is consistently between 18-21°C.

Sow Rates
Tray Size (cm) Sow Rate
Modiform ecoExpert punnets 13.6 x 10.3 20g
Garland Small Seed Tray 23 x 17 58.5g
Garland Seed Tray 37.5 x 23 135g
Garland Microgreen Tray 56 x 28 242g

Sow rates are provided as guidance only, sow rates depend  on environment and seed quality.

Blackout and Growth

Once the peas start pushing the top tray, flip it for additional growth space while maintaining the blackout conditions.

Growing On and Watering

Move your fully germinated peas to a sunny spot, taking care to bottom-water to prevent mould.

Harvesting Your Pea Tendrils

Harvest the tendrils once they reach your desired height, and remember, a second harvest is possible for home growers.

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