Cucumber Honey Plus F1

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Cucumber Honey Plus F1 is a early maturing variety (40 days), delivering 20-25 mini fruits (7-9 cm long). True to its name, Cucumber Honey Plus F1 produces fruits with glossy pale-green to translucent skin and a sweet-as-honey crunchy taste.

With a very high yield, Cucumber Honey Plus F1 is an incredible choice for fresh snacking, salads, and pickling.

Average 5 seeds per pack

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Growing Cucumber Honey Plus F1


Sow indoors in warm conditions from March onwards if growing in a greenhouse, and from late April if they’ll be growing outdoors.

Sow seeds 1-2cm deep in a quality compost or coir coins, water well and lightly cover with fine compost and keep at around 21°C.

A heated propagator is ideal, or if you don’t have one, cover with a clear plastic bag and place it on a warm windowsill.

Potting on and Growing

Use high-quality potting compost to transplant young plants into 25cm pots. Grow bags are an excellent alternative.

Keep the potting compost evenly moist by watering often. When the weather is hot, water the greenhouse floor to increase humidity.

Cucumber plants don’t like getting cold. Once seedlings are ready, move them to the final growing position once temperatures are consistently above 12C.

Grow cucumbers vertically on wires or canes. Pinch out the growing point once it reaches the roof. Side shoots should be pinched out two leaves after the female flower.

You can identify female flowers by the tiny cucumber behind them.

Cucumbers are heavy feeders and feed weekly with a balanced liquid fertiliser.


Cucumbers are best harvested in the morning when the temperatures are cooler! 

Cut the steam cleanly using a sharp knife or secateurs. Regular harvesting encourages further fruiting.

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Weight 15 g

Full Sun


200cm +



Days To Maturity



March, April, May, June


June, July, August, September, October

Frost Hardy


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