Salad Leaf Lettuce Mesclun Mix

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Mesclun Salad Leaf Lettuce Mix, a perfect blend of lettuce seed varieties that will give you a colorful and delicious alternative to your everyday salads. This mix includes varieties like Little Gem, Tango, Red Batavia, Green Batavia, Cerbiatta, and Red Salad Bowl. It’s the perfect addition to liven up plain lettuce, this mesclun mix is not only a feast for the eyes but also a treat that will elevate your home grown salads.

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How to Grow Salad Leaf Lettuce Mesclun Mix


Salad Leaf Lettuce Mesclun Mix seeds should be sown thinly 3mm deep into firm, well-drained soil in rows spaced 30cm apart. Germination typically takes 7-14 days. Once large enough, thin the seedlings to 25cm spacing.


Once planted, protect the seedlings from birds and insects by covering with netting or fleece. Water freely during dry weather, and if desired, feed the plants with high nitrogen feed as soon as the leaves start to develop and again 5 weeks later.


Harvest 30-75 days after sowing, when leaves are 4-6 inches high. Use scissors to cut 1 inch above soil level. Most varieties will re-grow, allowing for a continuous supply of fresh lettuce. Sow every 2-3 weeks for a continuous supply of fresh lettuce. In dry weather, keep soil moist during germination. Lettuce grows best in cooler weather, with optimum soil temperatures for germination between 4-24°C

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    Cut abd come again my favourite

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    Great quality seeds

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