Cucumber Merlin F1

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Craving crunchy, homegrown cucumbers this summer? Look no further than Cucumber Merlin F1, an all-female, greenhouse-perfect variety that makes growing easy, even for novice gardeners.

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Grow Delicious, Crunchy Cucumbers with Cucumber Merlin F1

Craving fresh, homegrown cucumbers this summer? Look no further than Cucumber Merlin F1, an all-female variety perfect for both greenhouses and outdoor spaces. This easy-to-grow option offers consistent yields of delicious, crunchy cucumbers, making it ideal for novice gardeners.

Get Your Cucumber Seeds Started:

  • Timing: Sow seeds indoors from March for greenhouses, late April for outdoors.
  • Warm & Cozy: Start seeds in pots or coir coins at 21°C (70°F) using a propagator or a warm windowsill with plastic covering.
  • Sowing Depth: Plant seeds 1-2cm deep in quality compost or coir, keep moist.

Growing Strong Seedlings:

  • Upsize & Pot On: Once established, transplant seedlings to 25cm pots or grow bags with good drainage.
  • Watering & Humidity: Keep compost moist, especially during hot weather. Consider floor watering in greenhouses for humidity.
  • Temperature: Wait for consistent temperatures above 12°C (54°F) before moving outdoors.

Climbing & Training:

  • Vertical Growth: Train plants upwards on wires or canes for optimal space efficiency.
  • Pinching: Pinch out the main stem tip when it reaches the roof and side shoots after 2 leaves beyond female flowers.

Feeding & Care for Happy Plants:

  • Happy Plants, Happy Cucumbers: Feed plants weekly with a balanced liquid fertiliser for optimal growth and delicious fruit.
  • Identify Female Flowers: Look for tiny cucumbers forming behind them, indicating potential fruit.

Harvesting Sweet Success:

  • Pick in the Morning: Harvest early for the best flavour.
  • Use Sharp Tools: Cut cleanly with a knife or secateurs to encourage further fruiting.

Bonus Tip: Regular harvesting promotes continuous production and ensures you enjoy fresh cucumbers throughout the summer!

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Weight 15 g

Full Sun


200cm +



Days To Maturity



March, April, May, June


June, July, August, September, October

Frost Hardy


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    I chose this variety to try a different type of cucumber

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