Salad Leaf Bright and Spicy Mix

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Add some color and heat to your salads with our Salad Leaf Bright and Spicy Mix. This unique blend of seed varieties includes spicy greens like Mustard Red Frills, Mustard Red Zest, and Tatsoi, as well as tangy greens like Mizuna, Pak Choi Golden Yellow, and Pak Choi Canton White. Perfect for adding color and flavor to your everyday salads, this mix is not only a feast for the eyes but also a treat for the taste buds. Elevate your home-grown salads with this delicious and bright blend of greens.

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How to grow Salad Leaf Bright and Spicy Mix


Salad Leaf Bright and Spicy Mix seeds should be sown thinly 1.5cm (1/2″) deep into firm, well-drained soil in rows spaced 15cm (6″) apart. Germination typically takes 7-21 days.


Once planted, Water freely during dry weather.

Varieties included in this mix:

  • Pak Choi Golden Yellow
  • Pak Choi Canton White
  • Tatsoi
  • Mizuna
  • Mustard Red Frills
  • Mustard Red Zest

We recommend you try succession sowing which means you sow little and often for supplies throughout the summer and right up to November. Keep soil moist during germination.

You can also sow in trays or pots, you can sow in a greenhouse or windowsill for earlier or all year round crop.

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