Mirch Masala Chilli Pepper Seeds

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Mirch Masala Chilli Seeds: Cultivate robust, deep-red chillies with a rich pungency. Perfect for UK climates, this variety is a favourite for gardeners and spice lovers alike

Average Packet contents: 10 Seeds

Scoville Rating: 30,000 – 50,000 SHU

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How to Grow Mirch Masala Chilli Seeds

Starting Off

Begin by sowing Mirch Masala Chilli seeds 6 mm deep using quality compost. Ideally, use a heated propagator to maintain a high, constant temperature, essential for successful germination. Seeds should be sown early in the season, from January to April.


The seeds require a constant high temperature to germinate, with seedlings typically emerging between 10-21 days. Consistent moisture is crucial; however, avoid waterlogging the soil.

Transplanting Seedlings

Once the seedlings have developed at least two pairs of true leaves, transplant them into individual containers. For optimal growth, consider moving them to large pots as the plant develops.

Growing and Caring for Your Mirch Masala Chilli

Soil and Watering

Select well-draining soil and maintain regular watering to keep the soil moist. The Mirch Masala Chilli thrives under consistent high temperatures and moisture levels.


These semi-erect, vigorous plants perform best in warm, sunny locations. They are well-suited for conservatories or greenhouses where temperature and exposure to sunlight are controllable. Protect them from strong winds to prevent damage.

Plant Characteristics

Chilli Pepper Mirch Masala plants can grow up to 2 metres tall and 1 metre wide, producing masses of pendulous, down-facing fruits that are about 10 cm in length. The plants are well-branched and robust, capable of thriving under a variety of climatic conditions.

Maturity and Harvesting

Expect fruits to start ripening around 120 days after transplanting, typically from August to October. Harvest once the chillies turn a deep red, indicating they have reached full maturity and flavour.

Special Considerations

  • Heat Level: Mirch Masala Chilli has a Scoville rating of 30,000 – 50,000 SHU, indicating a high level of pungency. Handle with care.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: These chillies have been bred for high disease resistance and robustness under stressful conditions, making them particularly hardy.

Usage Tips

The mature chillies of Mirch Masala are ideal for creating hot sauces or adding a fresh, zesty flavour to dishes. They can also be dried for long-term storage, preserving their heat and enhancing their flavour.

For more growing advice read our complete guide to growing chilli peppers  or view our entire chilli pepper range.

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    Quality seeds; germinated well.

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