Mirch Masala Chilli Pepper Seeds

Mirch Masala Chilli Seeds: Cultivate robust, deep-red chillies with a rich pungency. Perfect for UK climates, this variety is a favourite for gardeners and spice lovers alike

Average Packet contents: 10 Seeds

Scoville Rating: 30,000 – 50,000 SHU


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How to Grow Mirch Masala Chilli Seeds


The Mirch Masala Chilli Seeds are a blend of tradition and innovation, offering a unique gardening experience with deep-red, pungent chillies.

Growing Tips:

  • Starting Off: Sow the Mirch Masala Chilli seeds about 1/4″ deep in 3in pots with quality seed compost. Keep the soil consistently moist.
  • Germination: Seedlings typically emerge between 10-21 days, especially at a preferable temperature close to 85°F.
  • Transplanting Seedlings: Once the seedlings have at least two pairs of leaves, it’s time for them to be moved to individual containers.

Growing and Caring for Your Mirch Masala Chilli:

  • Soil and Watering: Aim for a well-draining soil composition and water regularly. Be cautious not to overwater and avoid waterlogged conditions.
  • Location: Mirch Masala Chillies prefer warm locations, so find a sunny spot in your garden or conservatory, protected from strong winds.
  • Maturity: Capsicum baccatum species, like the Mirch Masala, can take longer to ripen. Expect ripe fruits around 120 days after transplanting.

Harvesting Your Mirch Masala Chilli:

  • Appearance: Harvest your chillies once they transition from a light shade to a deep red. The heat and flavour intensify with maturity.
  • Usage Tips: The Mirch Masala’s heat is perfect for crafting hot sauces or as a fresh addition to culinary dishes. They can also be dried for future use.


The Mirch Masala Chilli Seeds are more than just seeds; they’re a passport to a spicy, rewarding gardening journey with hints of Indian tradition.


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