Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli Seeds

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli Seeds produce one of the world’s most fiery peppers, with heat soaring to an astonishing 1.5 million SHU. A treat for heat seekers and chilli aficionados, this chilli boasts a unique shape, vivid color, and intense spice.

Average Packet Contents: 10 Seeds

Scoville Rating: 1,200,000 – 2,009,231 SHU


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How to Grow Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli Seeds


Meet the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli Seeds, a legendary superhot variety known for its intense heat and distinct appearance. Once cultivated, it offers a fiery yet rewarding gardening experience.

Growing Tips:

  • Starting Off: Sow the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion seeds about 1/4″ deep in pots using premium seed compost. Ensure the soil remains damp but not drenched.
  • Germination: Expect germination in 10-21 days, particularly if temperatures hover above 23.9Ā°C.
  • Transplanting Seedlings: Once your seedlings showcase two clear sets of leaves, move them to individual pots for optimal growth.

Growing and Caring for Your Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli:

  • Soil and Watering: The chilli plants prefer well-draining soil. Water consistently, but avoid waterlogging.
  • Location: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chillies flourish in sunny areas shielded from gusty winds.
  • Maturity: This variety tends to ripen later in the season, so patience is crucial. The wait is worthwhile for a substantial yield of superhot chillies.

Harvesting Your Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli:

  • Appearance: Harvest when the chillies transition from green to a striking red. The hotter they get, the redder they appear.
  • Usage Tips: Exercise caution when handling due to their intense heat. They can be used sparingly in dishes for a fiery kick or dried for later use.


The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli Seeds promise a gardening challenge met with an exhilarating, spicy reward. For those seeking heat, this variety does not disappoint.


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