Zimbabwe Black Chilli Pepper Seeds

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Zimbabwe Black Chilli Pepper is a striking Capsicum annuum cultivar. With its unique ornamental appeal, it offers deep purple foliage and chillies that gradually ripen to a vibrant red, making it a must-have for both garden aesthetics and culinary uses.

Average Packet Contents: 10 Seeds

Scoville Rating: 70,000 – 80,000 SHU

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How to Grow Zimbabwe Black Chilli Pepper Seeds


The Zimbabwe Black Chilli Pepper is renowned for its dual purpose, serving as both an ornamental plant with its vivid colours and an edible chilli with a fairly mild taste.

Growing Tips:

  • Starting Off: Sow seeds 1/4″ deep in pots with quality seed compost. Keep the soil consistently moist.
  • Germination: Seedlings typically emerge in 10-21 days at temperatures of 23.9°C or above.
  • Transplanting Seedlings: Once they have two pairs of leaves, transplant the seedlings into individual pots.

Growing and Caring for Your Zimbabwe Black Chilli:

  • Soil and Watering: Use well-draining soil and water consistently without waterlogging the soil.
  • Location: These chillies prefer sunny conditions for optimal growth.
  • Pot Growth: The Zimbabwe Black grows well in containers, ranging from 1 to 7.5 litres in volume.
  • Maturity: Being an early season variety, it’s best to plant early, especially if grown in open ground where ripening might occur a bit later.

Harvesting Your Zimbabwe Black Chilli:

  • Appearance: Harvest when the chillies transition from dark purple to a bright red, marking their ripeness.
  • Uses: Mild in heat, these chillies can be used in sauces or dried for later use.


The Zimbabwe Black Chilli Pepper is a blend of ornamental beauty and culinary utility, making it a garden favourite.

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