Tomato Cherry Baby F1

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Tomato Cherry Baby F1 is a vigorous indeterminate tomato variety that produces super sweet, tingly-tangy, dense jewel-like clusters of ruby-red cherry tomatoes.

This is an excellent effortless variety to grow, with each plant yielding upto 350 tomatoes.

Average Packet Contents: 10 Seeds

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How to Grow Tomato Cherry Baby F1 From Seeds

Are you a keen gardener looking to grow your own Tomato Cherry Baby F1 plants from seeds? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Sowing the Seeds

To begin, sow the seeds indoors in warm conditions. For greenhouse growing, do this from late February to April. For outdoor growing, sow the seeds from late March to early April.

Next, use a quality compost or coir coins and water well. Then, lightly cover the seeds with fine compost and keep them at around 18°C.

If you have a heated propagator, use it to germinate the seeds. If not, you can cover the seeds with a clear plastic bag and place them on a warm windowsill.

Potting On

After a few weeks, your seedlings will be ready to move into small pots. Fill the pots with a good-quality peat-free multi-purpose compost and water well.

Use a dibber or your finger to make a hole in the centre of the pot, then lift each seedling individually by the leaf supporting the root ball and lower it into the hole. If the seedling is leggy, plant it deeper, burying the stem to the first pair of leaves, then firm it in gently.

Growing and Caring for Your Plants

Once potted on, keep the plants indoors on a well-lit windowsill or in a heated greenhouse where the temperature is always at least 16°C. Water them regularly.

After the last frost has passed, you can plant your tomato plants in their final positions. Remember to harden them off first.

To keep your plants healthy, water them regularly to keep the soil evenly moist. Varying moisture levels can cause problems with the fruit, such as splitting or blossom end rot.

Feed your plants every week using a quality liquid feed that’s high in potassium and contains trace elements.

Finally, prune side shoots regularly from your indeterminate tomato plants. You can even replant the side shoots to extend your growing season.

With a little patience and care, you’ll be able to grow a bountiful crop of delicious Tomato Cherry Baby F1 tomatoes that are perfect for enjoying fresh or cooked in your favorite dishes.

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