Cucumber Carmen F1

Cucumber Carmen F1 is an RHS Award-winning variety favored by many, including Charles Downing. This F1 hybrid is known for producing 50-100 bitter-free, 34-40cm long fruits per plant. Ideal for glasshouse growing, it showcases vigorous growth and high resistance to diseases like powdery mildew, scab, and leaf spot. Whether you’re an exhibition grower or home gardener, the Carmen F1 brings quality and productivity to your garden.

Packet contains 5 seeds.


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Growing Cucumber Carmen F1


Start sowing Cucumber Carmen F1 indoors in warm conditions from March if planning for greenhouse cultivation, or from late April for outdoor growth.

Place seeds on their side, 1cm deep in quality compost or coir coins, water generously, and lightly cover with fine compost. Maintain a temperature of around 21°C. A heated propagator works well, or if unavailable, cover with a clear plastic bag and place on a warm windowsill.

Potting on and Growing

Transplant young Cucumber Carmen F1 plants into 25cm pots using high-quality potting compost. Grow bags are also suitable.

Keep the compost evenly moist by watering frequently. In hot weather, water the greenhouse floor to raise humidity.

Protect your Carmen F1 plants from cold. Once seedlings are ready, move them to their final growing spot when temperatures are consistently above 12°C.

Grow these cucumbers vertically on wires or canes. Pinch out the growing point once it reaches the roof, and side shoots should be pinched out two leaves after the female flower, identifiable by a tiny cucumber behind them.

As heavy feeders, Carmen F1 cucumbers benefit from weekly feeding with a balanced liquid fertilizer.


Cucumber Carmen F1 is best harvested in the morning when temperatures are cooler.

Cut the stem cleanly using a sharp knife or secateurs. Regular harvesting of this prolific variety encourages further fruiting and enjoyment of these delicious, bitter-free cucumbers.


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