Marigold (French) Goldiluxe Flower Seeds

Marigold (French) Goldiluxe Flower Seeds bring vibrant golden blooms to your garden. This hardworking French marigold is perfect for both formal and informal settings, from bedding to patio containers. Exceptional performance and eco-friendly pest control.

Average Packet Contents: 30 Seeds


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Growing Marigold (French) Goldiluxe Flower Seeds

Initial Steps

French Marigold Goldiluxe is a versatile plant that thrives in various spaces. Get started by sowing the seeds indoors between February and April or directly outdoors in April-May.

Indoor Sowing

  • Sow in pots and keep at a temperature between 15-20°C.
  • Thin out at the 2-4 leaf stage.
  • Plant out in late spring after hardening off, spacing them 20cm apart.

Outdoor Sowing

  • Sow directly in the desired flowering position in April-May.
  • Thin out as necessary.

Flowering and Maintenance

  • Expect blooms from June to October.
  • Remove dead flower heads to encourage more blooms.

Extra Tips

  • Plant between vegetables for natural pest control.
  • Attracts beneficial insects that predate pests.


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