Verbascum “Snowy Spires” Flower Seeds

Elevate your garden’s elegance with Verbascum Snowy Spires Flower Seeds. These tall spires feature ice-white blooms with vibrant purple stamen, offering year-round interest as a semi-evergreen perennial. Perfect for sunny borders and loved by pollinators.

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Your Complete Guide to Growing Verbascum Snowy Spires Flower Seeds

Why Choose Verbascum Snowy Spires


If you’re aiming for a timeless yet visually arresting garden, Verbascum Snowy Spires is your go-to flower. This hardy perennial brings white spires adorned with purple stamen, providing both summer vibrance and winter charm.

Pre-Sowing Preparations

Indoor Sowing

  • Sow seeds from January to April in deep pots or root trainers filled with seed compost.
  • Keep the soil moist and shaded while maintaining a temperature of 21°C.

Caring for Seedlings and Transplanting

After Germination

Reduce the moisture level and grow on in cooler conditions. Acclimatise the seedlings before planting them outdoors 45 cm apart, once the risk of frost has passed.

Direct Outdoor Sowing

For blooms in the following year, you can also sow seeds directly outdoors between July and August.

Ongoing Care

Aftercare and Flower Stalks

To encourage multiple blooms, snip off the faded centre flower stalk just above the emerging side shoots.

Why Verbascum Snowy Spires is Perfect For Your Garden

Key Features

  • Attracts pollinators
  • Hardy and semi-evergreen
  • Excellent as cut flowers
  • Suitable for various light conditions


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