Morning Glory “Tutu” Flower Seeds

Morning Glory “Tutu” Flower Seeds create a captivating vertical garden, offering light pink semi-double blooms marked with magenta. Ideal for sunny fences and trellises, these seeds flower from June to September.

Average Packet Contents: 50 Seeds


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Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Morning Glory “Tutu” Flower Seeds

Why Choose Morning Glory “Tutu”


Morning Glory “Tutu” is a stunning climber with eye-catching light pink flowers, perfect for adding vertical interest to your garden.

Sowing Your Seeds

Indoor Sowing

  • Sow seeds in pots of 4 seeds under glass at 18°C between March and April.

Outdoor Sowing

  • Direct sow in flowering sites after the risk of frost has passed, spacing seeds 15cm apart.
  • Thin to single seedlings as they grow.

Planting and Care

Planting Outdoors

Plant out in May to June, ensuring a spacing of 15cm (6″) apart. Make sure the site is free from the risk of frost.

Flowering Period

Look forward to blooms from June to October, climbing up to heights of 2m+.

Additional Tips

Flower Longevity and Care

  • While the flowers last only a day, removing wilted blooms encourages further flowering.


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