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Seeking vibrant colour and natural pest control for your garden? Look no further than Marigold (French) Red Knight! This compact annual captivates with deep red blooms, perfect for eye-catching borders, beds, and even containers. Its fast-growing nature and natural pest-repellent properties make it a gardener’s favourite.

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Marigold (French) Red Knight: Grow Bold Blooms that Benefit Your Garden

Deep red, compact & fast-growing! Perfect for beds, borders & containers.

Looking for vibrant colour and natural pest control in your garden? Look no further than Marigold (French) Red Knight! These compact beauties boast stunning, deep red blooms, ideal for adding cheer to borders, beds, and even containers. They’re also fast-growing and pack a surprising benefit: deterring some harmful insects!

Growing Red Knight Marigolds:

Get Started (February-April):

  1. Indoors: Sow seeds shallowly in pots filled with moist compost. Keep warm (15-20°C) and well-lit.
  2. Transplant: When seedlings have a few leaves, transplant them to larger pots for further growth.

Alternatively (April-May):

  1. Direct sow: Sow seeds directly outdoors where they’ll flower, spacing them 15cm apart. Cover lightly with soil and keep moist.

Planting Out (Late May):

  1. Once frost risk has passed, harden off your seedlings by gradually introducing them to outdoor conditions.
  2. Plant outdoors in a sunny spot, spacing plants 20cm apart for good airflow.

Care & Benefits:

  • Sun & Water: Choose a sunny spot and water regularly, especially during dry spells.
  • Deadheading: Regularly remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms and a neat appearance.
  • Pest Control: Marigolds release compounds that can help deter some harmful insects in the vegetable garden, making them excellent companion plants.

Embrace the bold beauty and natural benefits of Marigold (French) Red Knight! Order your seeds today and add a touch of colour and protection to your garden.


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