Crystal Lemon Cucumber Seeds


Crystal Lemon Cucumber Seeds bring you a heritage variety with a twist. These seeds yield round, pale lemon-coloured fruits that have a mild, sweet taste. Vigorous, prolific, and considered more digestible, they’re perfect for sunny outdoor plots.

Average Packet Contents: 15 Seeds

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Growing Crystal Lemon Cucumber Seeds


Start sowing indoors, placing seeds on their edge in 9cm pots to prevent rot. Cover them 2cm deep and maintain a consistent 21°C temperature. Germination takes 7-21 days.

Transplanting and Growing


Once 3 true leaves appear, move to 15cm pots. Plant outdoors in a sunny spot after hardening off and when frost risk is past.


Grow against netting or allow to trail along the ground. Suitable for underglass cultivation in large pots or growbags.


Expect maturity from August to September. Note that fruits can have small black spines, so it’s best to peel them before eating.

Handy Tips and Nutrition

Handy Tips

Peel fruits before eating to avoid small black spines on the skin.

Nutritional Values

Low in calories but high in water content and potassium. The skin is rich in carotenoid antioxidants.

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