Spring Onion Ishikura Seeds

Spring Onion Ishikura Seeds yield long white stalks with short green tops. Ideal for salads and stir-frys, this Japanese bunching onion adds a mild, fine flavour to your dishes. Suitable for sowing from February to June.

Average Packet Contents: 300 Seeds


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How to Grow Spring Onion Ishikura Seeds: Your Complete Guide

When and Where to Sow

Indoor Sowing

Begin from February to March. Use modules, sowing 4-5 seeds per module. Cover them lightly with vermiculite or compost and maintain a temperature of 14°C.

Outdoor Sowing

Aim to sow in April. Make shallow drills 1.5cm deep and space the rows 30cm apart.

What to Do Next

Indoor-Sown Seeds

No thinning is needed. In April, move these modules to a cold frame to prepare for outdoor planting.

Outdoor-Sown Seeds

These can be pulled and used as needed.

Maturity and Harvesting

Expect your harvest around 12 weeks after sowing. The onions are versatile and perfect for salads and stir-frys.

Handy Tips

Successional Sowing

This variety is excellent for successional sowing.

Maximising Space

Plant between slower-growing vegetables to make the most of your space.


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