Chicory Palla Rossa Seeds


Add Crimson Beauty to Your Salad with UK-Grown Chicory Palla Rossa Seeds!

Grow vibrant, homegrown radicchio with our locally-sourced Chicory Palla Rossa seeds! This heirloom variety thrives in UK gardens, offering stunning colour and a unique flavour to elevate your salads.

Average Packet Contents: 700 Seeds

The RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM)

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How to grow Chicory Palla Rossa

Palla Rossa is a vibrant heirloom radicchio prized for its deep red and white leaves, adding drama and a distinct, slightly bitter touch to your salads. This UK-grown variety thrives in cool weather, offering crunchy harvests in autumn and winter, even for beginner gardeners.

Growing Instructions:


  • Direct sow: Outdoors from April to late summer.
  • Seedlings: Start indoors in March for an earlier harvest.
  • Depth: Sow seeds 1.5cm deep.
  • Spacing: Thin to 25-30cm between plants.


  • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade.
  • Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil enriched with compost.
  • Watering: Water regularly, especially during dry periods, but avoid overwatering.
  • Feeding: Feed with a general-purpose fertiliser every few weeks.


  • Ready: When heads are firm and coloured, usually 3-4 months after sowing.
  • Method: Cut the whole head at the base.
  • Storing: Store in the fridge for up to a week.

Bonus Tips:

  • Blanching: For milder flavour, tie up the leaves a few weeks before harvest to block sunlight.
  • Second harvest: Cover remaining roots with cloche in autumn for later growth.
  • Companion planting: Plant near lettuce, cabbage, or carrots for pest control.

Enjoy the vibrant colour and unique flavour of homegrown Chicory Palla Rossa!

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