Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod Seeds

Masterpiece Green Longpod broad beans are known for their long pods and bright green beans. This hardy annual variety yields up to 7 beans per pod and adapts well to various conditions. Excellent for freezing. Grows about 90cm (35 inches) tall and 45cm (18 inches) wide.


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Complete Guide to Growing Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod Seeds

Eager to grow a high-yielding, flavourful broad bean variety? Our guide will show you how to successfully cultivate Masterpiece Green Longpod Seeds.

Step 1: Starting Your Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod seeds

Sowing Guidelines

Firstly, you’ll want to sow the Masterpiece Green Longpod seeds 2 inches (5 cm) deep. Space them 10 inches (25 cm) apart and arrange them in rows that are 24 inches (60 cm) apart. Once sown, water them generously and lightly cover with compost.

Step 2: Caring for Your Broad Bean Seedlings

Potting On

After the seedlings show good growth, it’s time to move them to small pots. Fill these pots with peat-free multi-purpose compost.

Watering Tips

Water generously after the transfer to ensure the seedlings take to their new environment.

Step 3: Plant Maintenance and Harvesting

Caring for Masterpiece Green Longpod

For optimal growth, place the plants in a sunny, well-drained location. Consistent watering is vital, particularly when the first beans make their appearance.

Additional Care

Moreover, you can pinch off the top 3 inches (7.5 cm) to encourage pod development and reduce blackfly.

Protecting Your Masterpiece Green Longpod Crop

If pheasants are a concern in your area, consider protective measures like netting or fencing.

Companion Planting

Pairing your broad beans with Summer Savory can serve as a natural pest deterrent.

Harvesting Your Beans

  • Check for young, tender beans.
  • Harvest to enjoy their exceptional flavour.
  • Remember, these beans are also suitable for freezing.

Step 4: Aftercare and Soil Enrichment

Green Manure and Soil Benefits

After harvesting, dig the plants back into the soil as green manure. This enriches the soil and takes advantage of the nitrogen-fixing capabilities of these beans.

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