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Onion Rijnsburger Seeds produce large, golden-skinned onions with solid white flesh. Known for high yields and excellent storage capabilities, they’re a must-have for any home garden or allotment.

Average Packet Contents: 400 Seeds

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Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Onion Rijnsburger Seeds

Starting Your Onion Journey

Are you eager to grow some onions? Let’s get started. First, you need to decide on your sowing method.

When and Where to Sow

For those interested in indoor sowing, the ideal period is between February and April. During this time, maintain a cosy temperature of around 14°C. Alternatively, you can opt for outdoor sowing in April. In both cases, make sure to:

  • Plant your seeds about 1.5 cm deep
  • Space the rows about 30 cm apart

Taking Care of Your Onion Seedlings

Once your seeds have sprouted, there are some key steps to follow.

Indoor Seedling Care

Firstly, transfer the seedlings into individual pots or modular trays. Secondly, come April, you’ll want to move them to a cold frame to harden off before transplanting them outside.

Outdoor Seedling Care

For outdoor-sown seeds, the first thing to do is thin out the plants. Eventually, aim for a final spacing of 15 cm apart.

Approaching Harvest Time

As your plants grow, you’ll start to think about harvesting.

Harvest Period

The onions usually mature between August and September. So, when that time comes, be careful while pulling thinnings to avoid attracting onion flies.

Storage and Beyond

Wondering what to do after harvest? Well, you’re in luck.

Storing Your Onions

These onions have excellent long-term storage capabilities, thanks to their solid white flesh and golden skin.

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