Grow Fresh, Healthy Food with Grown Local

Welcome to Grown Local, your trusted partner in gardening. From our base in Penicuik, Scotland, our family-run business is here to support every gardener’s ambition to cultivate fresh, healthy produce right in their own space. Our handpicked range of gardening products caters to all gardening levels, ensuring your garden’s success.

Our Products

Vegetable Seeds: Jumpstart your garden with our diverse selection of vegetable seeds. We’re committed to providing quality seeds for growing fresh and tasty produce at home.

Flower Seeds: Enhance your garden’s health and beauty with our specially selected flower seeds. In addition to adding vibrant colours, some of our flowers are chosen for their ability to deter pests when planted alongside your vegetables, supporting a more natural and harmonious garden ecosystem.

Microgreen Trays: Optimize your green production with our microgreen trays, perfect for professional growers looking to efficiently harvest nutrient-rich microgreens.

Quadgrow: Ensure your plants are always hydrated with the Quadgrow self-watering planter, a system designed for enhanced growth and yields with less effort.

Chilligrow: Spice up your garden with our Chilligrow kits, equipped with the Chilligrow Self-Watering Planter to ensure your chillies thrive.

At Grown Local, we’re passionate about bringing the joy and benefits of gardening into your home. From selecting the right seeds to enjoying the harvest, we’re here to guide you through every step of your gardening journey. Join our community and start cultivating your dream garden today.

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