Nurturing Gardens, Empowering Gardeners

Grown Local is a family-run business in Penicuik, Scotland, focused on empowering gardeners and promoting sustainable, local food production. Founded in 2019, we offer high-quality gardening essentials like seeds, microgreen trays, and innovative growing systems.

We’re passionate about gardening and fresh produce, providing products for all skill levels. We believe in the importance of growing your own food and creating thriving gardens.

As eco-friendly advocates, we prioritize sustainability in our product selection, offering recyclable items when possible. We aim to build a community of gardeners who share our vision of a greener, more self-sufficient future.

At Grown Local, we’re your partners in gardening success, providing tools, knowledge, and support for beginners and experienced growers alike.

Join us in our mission to grow local, eat fresh, and nurture a more sustainable world, one garden at a time.

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