Grow Your Own Salad in Gutters: A Gardener’s Success Story

Gutter Gardening

As we transition from late summer into early autumn, it’s that time of year when many gardeners, including myself, pause to reflect on the growing season. This year, one experiment stood head and shoulders above the rest—our experience growing salad greens in gutters. If you’re keen on making the most of limited garden space, this could be an avenue worth exploring.

Why Gutters? A Little Context

Faced with limited garden space and seeking to maximize productivity, we hit upon the idea of using gutters. We fastened these to an east-facing fence, taking advantage of the morning sun while avoiding the scorching afternoon heat. Essentially, we created a new growing space for shallow-rooted crops like salad leaves.

The Gutter Selection

We opted for brown gutters from Wickes, which subtly blended into our garden’s natural backdrop. Practically speaking, the depth of these gutters also meant that they retained moisture slightly better, reducing our watering chores.

Salad Mix


The Harvest: A Salad Lover’s Dream

We filled our gutters with seeds, specifically Salad Leaf Lettuce Mesclun Mix and Salad Leaf Bright and Spicy Mix. The results were nothing short of astounding. Our homegrown greens were abundant, eliminating the need to supplement with store-bought salads.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View


  • Space-saving: Perfect for gardens with restricted room, even on balconies or small patios.
  • Minimal Pest Interference: Being elevated on a fence considerably reduced slug and insect activity.


  • Watering Regimen: Despite their depth, the gutters required regular watering, particularly during hotter spells.
  • Nutrient Considerations: To ensure good growth, we enriched the compost with bonemeal.

The Future of Small-space Gardening?

This modest experiment suggests there’s ample scope for innovative gardening solutions, especially for those with limited outdoor areas. Could gutter gardening be the next big trend?

Wrapping Up

Our season of gutter gardening was an unqualified success. So, if you’re already contemplating next year’s garden projects, don’t overlook the simple yet effective gutter. It might just become the star performer in your green space.

Please share in the comments if you’ve ever tried gutter gardening before and whether it was a resounding success or a bit of a challenge. If you have any suggestions for other plants to grow, feel free to let us know

Happy gardening! 🌱

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