Discover the Tomato Varieties We’re Growing at Grown Local This Year

At Grown Local, we’re excited to share with you the diverse and vibrant selection of tomato varieties we’re cultivating this year. Each variety has been carefully chosen for its unique characteristics, ensuring that every gardener can find something special for their plot. Here’s a detailed look at the tomatoes we’re growing from our own stock and some intriguing varieties from other suppliers.

From Grown Local

Blackmoon Tomato

Tomato Black Moon F1

This variety is known for its striking dark fruits and robust flavour, making it a standout choice for those looking to add some drama to their garden and dining table.

Tomato Bliss F1

Tomato Bliss F1
The Tomato Bliss F1 produces dazzling yellow tomatoes with unique green stripes. These almond-shaped, lightly sweet tomatoes are heavy yielding and bring loads of bold colour to salads, ripening from the height of summer until frost.

Tomato Black Opal Seeds

Tomato Black Opal
The Black Opal variety is an early maturing type that produces great yields of black cherry tomatoes. This improved version of the heirloom black cherry tomato is selected for its firmer texture and superior flavour, making it perfect for fresh consumption, grilling, and sauces.

toddler tomato vine

Tomato Toddler F1
Ideal for those with limited space, the Tomato Toddler F1 produces long trusses bearing 12-16 mid-sized cocktail tomatoes that are resistant to cracking and exceptionally tasty with an acid tang.

Tomato Consuelo F1

Tomato Consuelo F1
This early-cropping cordon variety produces prolific crops of sweet and juicy cherry-sized fruits with glossy red skins. It’s bred for outdoor growing, offering superb resistance to both early and late blight.

From Other Suppliers

Rebel Starfighter Prime
This variety is known for its vigorous growth and exceptional flavour, making it a strong performer in any garden.

Alice’s Dream
A beautiful, large-fruited tomato that offers both looks and taste.

Crushed Heart
Features uniquely heart-shaped fruits with a rich, tangy flavour, perfect for tomato lovers looking for something different.

Lithium Sunset
A stunning variety with a gradient of colours that range from yellow to deep orange.

Orange Russian
Noted for its large, bi-coloured fruits, although we’ve experienced some germination issues this year.

Purple Heart Throb
A deep purple tomato that’s as nutritious as it is eye-catching, with a rich, complex flavour.

These tomato varieties are currently potted up and almost ready to be moved to their final growing containers. Some of the larger plants will be grown using Autopot hydroponic systems, while others will be planted in Quadgrow Self Watering Planters, which are hydroponic growing systems also sold by Grown Local. The Autopot systems utilize a smart valve and gravity-fed design to automatically water and feed the plants with a nutrient solution, minimizing manual labour. The Quadgrow planters are self-watering containers that allow for efficient water and nutrient delivery to the plants. The smaller tomato plants will be planted directly into the raised beds in our polytunnel. All the plants, whether grown hydroponically in Autopots, Quadgrow planters, or in soil, will be fed with Nutrigold, a high-quality fertilizer (originally called Nutrigrow) specifically formulated for tomatoes and other fruiting plants. By utilizing both hydroponic systems like Autopots and Quadgrows, as well as traditional in-ground growing methods in our greenhouse and polytunnel environments, we aim to provide optimal conditions for these diverse tomato varieties to thrive and produce abundant, flavourful harvests.

Start Growing Today!

At Grown Local, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of high-quality seeds and gardening supplies. By growing these varieties ourselves, we aim to offer first-hand experience and knowledge to help you succeed in your gardening endeavours. Whether you’re a novice gardener or a seasoned grower, we hope this guide inspires you to add some new tomato varieties to your garden this season. Happy gardening!

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