Radish French Breakfast Seeds


Embark on a gardening adventure with our Radish French Breakfast Seeds. This heirloom variety, with its unique elongated shape and vibrant crimson-to-white tips, offers a mildly spicy flavor. Ideal for beginner and expert gardeners alike, they mature quickly and thrive in various conditions. Perfect for adding a fresh, peppery crunch to your salads or as a nutritious snack.

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French Breakfast Radish Seeds – Perfect for UK Gardens

Optimal Sowing Time

For a fruitful harvest, sow your French Breakfast Radish seeds from early spring to late summer. This variety is renowned for its fast-growing nature, making it an excellent option for UK gardens.

Soil Preparation

Ensure a well-drained, fertile environment for your radish seeds. This heirloom variety thrives in soil rich in organic matter. Prepare your garden by ensuring it’s free from stones and debris, creating the ideal setting for these crimson red and white tip radishes.

Sowing Depth and Spacing

Plant your radish seeds approximately half an inch deep. Space them 1-2 inches apart, with rows spaced 6-8 inches apart. This spacing allows for optimal growth, ensuring each radish develops to its full potential.

Sunlight and Shade

The French Breakfast Radish benefits from full sunlight but can adapt to partial shade. Aim for at least six hours of sunlight daily to ensure a healthy crop.


Regular and consistent watering is key to cultivating these easy-to-grow radish seeds. Adequate moisture encourages robust root development and prevents the radishes from turning woody.

Thinning Seedlings

Once your radishes sprout their first true leaves, thin them to about 2-3 inches apart. This is crucial for the development of sizeable, delicious radishes.

Pest Control

Keep an eye out for common garden pests. Employ organic or chemical controls as necessary to protect your crop.


Your French Breakfast radishes will be ready to harvest within 3-4 weeks of sowing. Harvest when they reach the desired size, and enjoy the unique flavour of these heirloom radishes.

Enjoying Your Radishes

These radishes, with their peppery taste, are perfect for salads, pickling, or as a crisp, fresh snack. Their vibrant crimson red with a white tip makes them a visually appealing addition to any dish.

Remember, French Breakfast radishes are a rewarding addition to your UK garden, with their fast growth cycle and distinctive taste.

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