Provence Wight Garlic Seed – 2 or 4 Bulbs (Softneck)


Discover the robust flavours of Provence with our Provence Wight Garlic Seed. This large white softneck garlic, adorned with purple streaks, produces bulbs nearly the size of Elephant Garlic. Ideal for Mediterranean vegetable and fish dishes, it thrives with heavy watering before harvest. Plant from September to January and enjoy a sweet, substantial harvest by mid-June. Perfect for aioli and other culinary delights.

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Provence Wight Garlic Seed – 2 or 4 Bulbs (Softneck)

Elevate your culinary garden with Provence Wight Garlic Seed, a premium variety of Allium sativum (Softneck). Originating from the lush valleys of the Drôme in northern Provence, this garlic is renowned for its large, white bulbs with striking purple streaks. Each bulb can produce 6 to 10 fat, juicy cloves, making it a favorite for Mediterranean vegetable and fish dishes.

Key Features:

  • Horticultural Group: Artichoke
  • Origin: Southern Provence
  • Cloves per Bulb: 6 – 10 (estimated)
  • Expected Bulb Size: 50 – 70mm (estimated)
  • Planting Season: September – January
  • Harvest Time: Mid June
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet and substantial, with warm, subtle flavors perfect for aioli and other Mediterranean dishes.

Growing Instructions:

Provence Wight Garlic thrives with heavy watering in the three months leading up to harvest. While spring planting is possible, it typically results in smaller bulbs. For optimal growth, plant your garlic in well-drained soil and ensure it receives full sun exposure. Store the garlic in a cool, shaded, and well-ventilated area until planting.


  • Versatile Culinary Use: Ideal for enhancing the flavours of Mediterranean dishes.
  • Long Shelf Life: Keeps up to January, ensuring a steady supply of fresh garlic.
  • Robust Growth: Produces large, substantial bulbs that approach the size of Elephant Garlic.
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