Garlic Kingsland Wight Seed – 2 or 4 Bulbs (Hardneck)


Discover the premium Lautrec garlic, Kingsland Wight Seed. This white-skinned, pink-cloved hardneck garlic, originating from near Toulouse, SW France, is renowned for its exceptional taste. Ideal for planting in autumn or early spring, it thrives best in the south of England. Each bulb contains 8-12 cloves and can be harvested from June to July.

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Garlic Kingsland Wight Seed – 2 or 4 Bulbs

Elevate your culinary garden with Kingsland Wight Seed, a premium variety of Lautrec garlic (Allium Sativum ophioscorodon). This exquisite hardneck garlic, with its white skin and purple cloves, is celebrated by French gourmands as the finest garlic in France. Originating from Lautrec near Toulouse, this garlic variety is perfect for planting in autumn or early spring, though it prefers drier conditions, making it ideal for the south of England.

Key Features:

  • Horticultural Group: Creole
  • Origins: Lautrec, near Toulouse, SW France
  • Cloves per Bulb: 8-12 (estimated)
  • Expected Bulb Size: 50-60mm (estimated)
  • Planting Season: September to December
  • Harvest Season: June to July

Historical Significance:

Kingsland Wight Seed traces its roots back to Kazakhstan, the centre of garlic origin, and travelled with the Mongols into Eastern Europe around 1200 AD. It followed a recognized garlic migration route to southwest France, near Toulouse, on the pilgrimage to St. James at Compostela. Named after Kingsland, the most fertile strip of land on our farm, this garlic is truly royal.


  • Exceptional Taste: Held by French gourmands as the best-tasting French garlic.
  • Versatile Planting: Can be planted in autumn or early spring.
  • Long Shelf Life: Keeps until February.
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