Tomato Consuelo F1 Seeds


Discover Tomato Consuelo F1 seeds, known for blight resistance. Each plant produces up to 150 cherry-sized fruits, 15-20g each, celebrated for sweet flavor. It’s an indeterminate type, needing staking for optimal growth.

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How to Grow Tomato Consuelo F1 From Seeds

Sowing the Seeds:

  1. Optimal Sowing Time: Initiate the sowing process indoors from March to May, ensuring a warm environment.
  2. Seedbed Preparation: Opt for rich compost or coir coins and ensure it’s well-watered. Gently cover the seeds with a thin layer of compost and maintain an approximate temperature of 18°C.
  3. Germination Tips: Utilise a heated propagator or place the seeds within a clear plastic bag on a warm windowsill to aid germination.

Potting On:

  1. After a few weeks, transfer the sprouting seedlings into small pots filled with high-quality peat-free multi-purpose compost.
  2. Use a dibber or your finger to plant each seedling, ensuring that if they appear leggy, they are planted deeper to promote stability.

Growing and Caring for Your Plants:

  1. Perfect Environment: Post-potting, place the plants on a bright windowsill or a heated greenhouse ensuring a constant temperature of at least 16°C.
  2. Planting Outdoors: Wait for the last frost to pass before relocating your tomato plants outdoors. Ensure they are acclimatized through hardening off.
  3. Feeding Routine: Administer a potassium-rich liquid feed inclusive of trace elements every week.
  4. Pruning: As Tomato Consuelo is an indeterminate variety, side shoots should be pruned regularly. This promotes a better yield and extends the growing season.

With consistent care and a touch of patience, you’ll be blessed with a prolific crop of Tomato Consuelo F1, perfect for fresh consumption or as an ingredient in your favourite recipes.

Potential Issues and Remedies:

Keep an eye out for pests like White Fly. Ensure your greenhouse is free from them initially. RHS offers an extensive guide on managing tomato pests and diseases.


Harvest the tomatoes when they exhibit a rich colour. Remember, warmth accelerates ripening, so, during colder weather or late seasons, the process might slow down.

Enhance Your Gardening Journey:

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Embark on your Tomato Consuelo F1 journey today, and let nature reward you with its finest produce!

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