Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds

Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds produce long pods with 6 to 8 white beans. Originating in 1884, this English Heritage variety is prized for its sweet flavour. Attracts bees. Companion plant with Summer Savory to deter aphids.

Average Packet Contents: 50 Seeds


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Complete Guide to Growing Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds

Looking for a reliable broad bean variety? Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition could be your perfect match. This guide aims to walk you through the entire process for a rewarding harvest.

Getting Started: Early to Main Cropping

Sowing Guidelines

To get ahead with an early crop, sow indoors between February and March. For main cropping, sow directly outdoors from March to May. Plant seeds 2 inches (5 cm) deep, 10 inches (25 cm) apart in rows that are 24 inches (60 cm) apart. Make sure to water well and lightly cover with compost.

Plant Care: Nurturing Your Seedlings

Potting On

When your seedlings have grown sturdy, it’s time to move them into small pots. Use peat-free multi-purpose compost and water generously.

Transplanting Tips

Once the seedlings have a second set of leaves, transplant them to their final outdoor location. This encourages strong root development.

Maintenance and Harvesting

Care Tips

Place the seedlings in a sunny, well-drained location and keep the water coming, especially when you see the first beans.

Additional Care Measures

Once the first beans appear, pinch off the top 3 inches (7.5 cm) to encourage pod development and help control blackfly.

Companion Planting

Consider planting Summer Savory alongside your broad beans to deter pests.

Harvesting Guidelines

For the best flavour, harvest your beans when they are young and tender. Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds are also suitable for freezing.

Aftercare and Soil Benefits

Enriching the Soil

After harvesting, dig the plants back into the soil as green manure. This not only enriches your garden soil but also improves its nutrient content thanks to the nitrogen-fixing capabilities of these plants.

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