undercover tomato tree

馃尶 “Green Holiday Wonders: Top Gardening Gifts from Grown Local” 馃巵

undercover tomato tree

As the frost glistens and December’s charm envelops us, it’s the perfect time to find treasures for the gardening enthusiasts we cherish. At Grown Local, nestled amidst the late November hues, we’ve lovingly handpicked a collection of gardening gifts that promise to bring joy and a flourish of green to your holiday season.

Quadgrows: A Gardener’s Dream

Sold & Recommended by Grown Local:

Embrace the ease of gardening with Quadgrows, a marvel for ensuring your plants are lush and well-watered, even through the festive hustle. Perfect for an array of vegetables, this self-watering system is a gardener’s boon for both indoor and outdoor green spaces.

Chilli Plants growing in Quad Grows
  • Self-watering for up to 14 days.
  • Ideal for a range of plants, from tomatoes to peppers.
  • Enhances harvests by maintaining optimal moisture.
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use.

Garland 28 Cell Deep Root Success Kit: Sprout Seeds with Ease

Sold & Recommended by Grown Local:

Gift the joy of nurturing with the Garland 28 Cell Kit, a perfect ally for starting seeds. Its unique design promises gentle care for young roots, ensuring a robust beginning for beans, sweet peas, and more.

Garland 28 Cell Deep Root Success Kit with plants growing in root trainers
  • Comprehensive kit with ventilated lid and durable cells.
  • “Split cells” design for easy root inspection.
  • Ideal for deep-rooted plants and cuttings.
  • Promotes healthy root growth for thriving plants.

Super 7 Electric Windowsill Propagator: A Mini Nursery

Sold & Recommended by Grown Local:
Transform a windowsill into a nurturing haven with the Super 7 Propagator. Its compact design is ideal for germinating seeds, offering warmth and the right light conditions, even in cooler climates.

Super 7 Heated Propagator
  • 7 mini vented propagators for diverse plant growth.
  • Heated base for even temperature distribution.
  • Perfect for small spaces and windowsill gardening.
  • A must-have for starting seeds effectively.

馃尡 Grown Local Microgreen Kit: A Sprout of Christmas Cheer

Grab this delightful kit. Rated 5/5 by customers, this microgreen kit is more than just a gift – it’s an experience. Perfect for family bonding or for those seeking a green escape indoors, this kit promises a garden of flavours right on the windowsill. Every component is eco-friendly, adding a touch of green to the holiday season.

Rambo Radish Microgreen Seeds

Felco Secateurs: Precision Pruning Tools

Recommended by Grown Local:
The Felco Secateurs are renowned for their precision and durability, making them an essential tool for any gardener. Their ergonomic design ensures comfortable use for precise pruning and care of plants.

51TsuqoH63L. AC SL1278
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use.
  • Sharp, precise cutting for healthy plants.
  • High-quality materials for long-lasting use.
  • Ideal for detailed pruning work.

Autopot Tray to Go: Automated Watering System

Recommended by Grown Local:
The Tray2Grow from Autopot is an automated, versatile plant feeding system that simplifies watering. It’s suitable for everything from seed trays to grow bags, offering a hassle-free gardening experience.

AutoPot Tray2Grow Situ Image Box Patio Spikes 2 WEB

As we recommend these gems, we also tip our hats to the Felco Secateurs and the Autopot Tray to Go, two brilliant products that, while not stocked by us, are worth exploring for their precision and innovation in gardening.

Explore our carefully selected range of gardening gifts at Grown Local. Perfect for gardeners at any level, these products are designed to enhance the gardening experience. Check out our selection for practical, quality gifts this festive season. Happy Holidays from everyone at Grown Local! 馃尶馃巹馃巵

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